Peggy Gooch with Clark

This is me, Peggy Gooch, owner and operator of Gooch's Boarding Kennels. I have ran this kennel by myself since 1994, after my husband, Marshall was killed. I am dedicated to this kennel and taking the best care possible of the dogs.

And this is my buddy, Clark, who has lived here at the kennel for 3 1/2 years. He came from a retriever rescue around the St. Louis area. His parents were both field trial champions. Apparently due to him being the only puppy in the litter and being crated too much, he became crate aggressive and wasn't very social with other dogs. Since living here, he has improved tremendously but still has issues. He has a good life here but the perfect forever home is still at the top of his wish list.


40-Run facility

  • Heated and air conditioned
  • 4x6 inside pens
  • 4x8 outside covered runs
  • Potty breaks every 4 hours
  • Sunday evening pickups
  • Radio and night lights on 24-7
  • Blankets, bowls and food provided but owner may bring their own.
  • Dogs must be current on all their shots
  • Dogs must be on Frontline or Advantage, May through October
  • Plenty of TLC
Kennel Hours

Drop off/pickup times:
8:30 a.m. - 9:00 a.m.
12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.
5:30 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.
5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.

The Kennel

My late husband, Marshall and I started Gooch's Boarding Kennels in 1989. It started in a small shed in the back yard and 6 outside runs. We then built a new building housing 20 dogs but soon knew we needed to add another building. Marshall had just finished the 2nd kennel which included a grooming shop in early 1994, when he was killed in October of 1994.

I had the new kennel built in 2006 after the old kennel just had run it's course. But decided not to do grooming or board cats. It was a good decision because I run this business by myself and I have enough with taking care of the boarding dogs.


If the rope is across the entrance, the kennel is closed. There are designated times for dropoff and pickup and I will not disturb the dogs during any other time.

Front Porch

Front porch with a message always thanking you for "Bringing Your Pooches To Gooch's". When I get my chores done early, nice to sit on the swing while waiting for customers to arrive

Here's the big dogs out for their potty break. Each big dog has their own pen to potty in. But if a dog prefers to be tied out, I do have several long tie outs. Again, each dog will be put in the same pen the entire time they are here at the kennel.

Here's all the small dogs taking a potty break. I can either tie them up on grass or gravel, and if the dogs don't know how to tie out, there are small pens that I put them in. During their stay, I always put dogs in the same spot the entire time. No dog can come in contact with another dog unless they are family members.

This is the center aisle with 10 runs on each side. And there are 2 sections like this with an office in the middle. I usually put the small dogs on the front side with the large dogs on the back side.

This is what the pens look like inside. I supply several blankets for them to lay on, along with the food, unless you prefer to bring your own and food and water bowls. But you are more than welcome to bring their own beds or "bankies" from home. In this photo the doggie door is closed but when open, the dogs have their own 8ft covered run outside.


This is the office, which is located in the center of the building. Behind the desk, you can see a pen. I say this is a pen for "special needs" dogs. There's a doggie door that goes out to a gravel area instead of the regular cement run. So this works for the elderly that can't quite hold it for the 4 hours. And since they're going on gravel, they won't be walking in it and tracking it in. Also just alittle bit quieter for the elderly.

Gooch's Boarding Kennel

2186 106th St.
Monmouth, Illinois 61462